An Eva Pilch Special: My Ghost Stories

Okay, so you’ve heard the strange noises, felt the uncommon cold spots around the house and maybe, just maybe, even saw what looked like a person only to watch it disappear into thin air. In other words, you think you’ve got a ghost in your house.

Some in our group have found that they can trace their heritage and found that they have a psychic in their family bloodline. We also have some members that may not have any psychic abilities in their bloodline, but indeed have come from a near death experience.

Prime Suspect (NBC, 10pm) – NEW! Jane investigates the murder of a young woman whose body was found in the park; Duffy and Evrard search for the stepfather of a murder victim. In other events, Jane and her dad celebrate an important anniversary.

It doesn’t work like that. The field of ghosts of temple newsam online has enough strikes against it as it is. It is already dismissed as pseudo science. In certain circles it is considered “geeky.” And with words like “ectoplasm” and “proton packs” in the public zeitgeist, being taken seriously can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The last thing we need are groups fighting amongst themselves and with each other. A community, divided against itself, will assuredly struggle to stand.

A poorhouse was usually very similar to early asylums, though without the harsh treatments. The people inside were a mixture of parentless children the mentally insane Paranormal blog online those without any money and even a few criminals. There were also stories of children who would dump their elderly parents at a poorhouse, rather than care for them.

Christie Chaidez, We get a lot of questions regarding our group name and logo. We were sitting around one day after discussing many aspects, how to afford equipment, how to locate potential members, where to investigate, and we decided the next step had to be deciding on a name before we went any further. But we were both tired at the time and decidedly crabby, and our brainstorming wasn’t going well. I made some comment about waiting until the next day because 2 cranky women who were both suffering from PMS weren’t going to be able to decide anything. We looked at each other and the light bulb went off so to speak. Since we knew we wanted the group to consist of moms like ourselves who were interested in paranormal study, it wasn’t hard to then come up with the Paranormal Moms Society (P.M.S.).

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