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Answer: The most important thing to remember, without moisture mold cannot survive. So first and foremost remove the water source and the mold is history. Although lawyers and so-called mold removal experts would like you to think otherwise and open up your checkbook, mold is rarely harmful to humans and can be easily eradicated. Spraying a little bleach on it will also do the trick. If it has gotten so bad where the paper on the drywall has been actually eaten away by the mold, then a small patch job to cut out and remove the affected area is in order. Cost likely around $250.

We have several great drywall contractors consultants in our network between assignments right now available to help you let me know if you need a proposal professional to lend you a helping hand.

Lastly, you have to dry the compound completely and you have to sand it with coarse grit sandpaper first and then the fine grit sandpaper for a smooth and polished look.

If the drywall is nailed against damp wall studs and the studs shrink just a little as they dry, a tiny gap can form between the drywall and the stud. It doesn’t take much. If the drywall is bumped and pushed back against the stud, the nail head causes it to pop.

High Powered Drill & Paddle Bit-If you’re doing a small repair; you can mix the mud by hand with a drywall knife. But for larger do it yourself drywall drywall contractors projects, it’s essential that you have a strong enough drill to mix the mud with a paddle for the proper consistency and to eliminate lumps.

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When the plumber arrives do not be angry with him! This can lead to higher costs. Calmly explaining the situation and what you have done to help him can lead to a calmer plumber; this is good for your repair and your wallet! Your plumber will be appreciative for what you have done to make his job cleaner and easier.