Find Your Creative “Muse” With A Career In Cosmetology

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The oils on your skin can be transferred to your makeup through your brushes. Get in the habit of cleaning them regularly. Once a week is good. You can use a gentle shampoo or body wash and allow them to dry naturally.

It isn’t necessary to have a Barbering liscense to apply extensions, but you still want to go to someone who has credibility. Working in a salon would do just that. A salon would provide a professional environment. The stylist would have to follow safe and ethical procedures. There would most likely be a gurantee with the service. Also, you want someone who demonstrates a strong work ethic, is reliable, and trustworthy.

Electric hair clipper – run on electricity and is made from rust resistant, titanium blades that stay sharp for a long time. They are used in professional Barber Shops today but can also be bought for home use. Electric hair clippers are heavy duty and can last you for a long time.

Another thing to consider when it comes to references is that what stylist in his/her right mind would give out the name/number of a client would give them a bad recommendation?

Negative: They mainly come out of Korea and a harvested off cutting room floors. The do not all hold their curl. Some hairs go straight while others keep their curl when washed a few times. They do not require very frequent fills but can look singed as they age.

You can also go home remedy method. There are many traditional methods from Asia and other places. Horse hair, duct tape etc., Over the counter applications are available which are usually some form of salicylic acid, creams and pastes. Most home remedies have no side effects but will take longer to remove and heal. You can consider laser, surgery or natural remedies, but research well and begin.