Florida: The Sunshine State – A Great Romantic Getaway

Las Vegas has become more than just a gambling destination; it has become a very popular place to get married and enjoy a family vacation. Here are some ideas on how to get good deals.

Hampton Inn Danbury – Located at 81 Newtown Road. This option is more of a chain hotel that you see on TV but still the value is there. For $100 a night you can get the family poolside package that includes two double beds in the room. The rooms are not as nice as the other two options that I mentioned above. There is high speed internet access but that’s about it. The kids will be happy with the pool and the convenience is still there by being less than an hour from the city.

Barn lights before were only used in barns and big stocking rooms. These lights, however, have gone a long way. Light manufacturers have advanced their shapes and lighting effects and materials are now more reliable and durable.

Jampan will also arrange private trips for your family or group. These trips go where you want to go. Ask them for a price. It will depend on how far you are going, for how long and the number of people going.

As Elvis Presley sang, “Clambake…we’re gonna have a clambake.” The beach clambake used to be a lot easier on Pensacola Beach because we actually had public beaches back then rather than tiny stretches of sand and water that serve as the beachfront property of hideously ugly Baja California Sur and condos. Back then, we had sand dunes; extraordinary dunes of sand that rose so high into the sky that you could actually take a boogie board (or what we called cardboard boxes back then) and ride down them. And then, as the sun set you could build a pit and conduct a clambake. Or course, I never did because I don’t eat food that lives its entire life inside its own toilet.

The above recommended tours are run by licensed and experienced Bocas people and their tours are always fun and worth the money. Other tours are available but check them out and make sure you are comfortable with the owners and staff before you sign up.

The ski season draws in massive crowds to Austria during the winter months. There are a plethora of fantastic ski resorts in the country and Austria is known as one of the best skiing countries in the world.