Hair Replacement Woman

Answer: “Hair is an outgrowth of protein,found only on mammals. It projects from the epidermis, though it grows from hair follicles deep in the dermis. The average human head has about 100,000 hair follicles.” So, how should you take care of it to ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy?

This is not rocket science. If you don’t make life-giving nutrition available to your poor hair follicles, then why would your hair ever start growing back? The obvious answer is that it wouldn’t! You must get sufficient “hair nutrients” into your bloodstream and ready for delivery.

This period is the hardest one to go through after a Trasplante capilar Turquia. After a few weeks, the hair sheds, and there is usually a bit of “shock loss”, or loss of existing hair. This means that you look worse than you do before the procedure. Since we all do this to look better, it’s hard to be patient waiting for the new hair to grow! Finally, at three months the hair begins to sprout!

This is why we are taught that all should always do everything in moderation, even things which are good for us such as exercise and sleep. You would not think that too much exercise could be bad for you, but it can lead to problems if you become obsessed and lose too much body fat. The same goes for getting too much sleep. We are all taught that sleep is good for us as this is when the body does its repairs and recuperation. However, too much sleep will lead to disorientation and headaches, especially if it is not a regular habit of yours to sleep too much.

Henna. Lemon grass. Jojoba and dongquai. Sage. These are just some of many natural ingredients to consider. Other options include head massage and aroma therapy.

Another myth is that cutting your hair or ends makes it grow faster. This is completely false – cutting your hair will help your hair grow back strong but it in no way speeds up the process of growth. There is a common misunderstanding that hair is thicker at the base than it is at the tip. Cutting your hair will not alter the biological growth pattern or process nor it will make thin, limp hair grow back thicker and fuller.

It is important to take post surgical care of the treated area. You must follow various guidelines mentioned by the surgeon to reduce the after – effects.