Importance Of Joy In Daily Meditation Practice

I like riding my bike – it coincidentally keeps me in shape. I call it moving meditation, whilst keeping semi-alertness in the relentless traffic. I also like to go jogging with my dog Max, or is it the other way round? I watch him jump over the oncoming apartment Chihuahua’s snapping their jaws; out for their hours release in the park with a graceful leap reminding me of Bambi.

Zen living: choose one thing, commit to it, and see it through. If you do not like the result (this is important!) choose something else, and try that. Stop doing what does not work!

Start by finding a quiet place. A place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Somewhere you can practice your breathing Yoga baltimore technique quietly.

Children love a routine at night when they are preparing for bed. Putting them to bed, reading them a story, singing to them; whatever the routine is that a parent may have, calms them and relaxes them. When children go on a road trip in the car they do so much better when they have something special with them that reminds them of home; a special blanket, a CD of songs that calm them and so on. My daughter has a special “blankie” that makes her feel safe and calm when she’s on a trip.

Think: Most people live in an invisible bubble, designed to keep ‘bad stuff’ out and ‘good stuff’ my private property. Yet, it is only when I let down my ‘shields’ that I can interact with the moment.

Exercise, dance, walk. Moving your body will heighten your endorphins, make you match and help you’re feeling smart concerning your body. And moving simply feels good to the body. Within the absence of touch, body pleasure is what you want to urge more of.

Movies are entertainment that is compulsory in everyone live. Why we just see and enjoy it only! Why not taking something that maybe can change ourselves in the future. It is never wrong to try it.