The Hong Kong Speech Festival: 7 Tips For Students

You’ll find that teleseminars are an effective and flexible way to create learning content products either for sale or as a traffic or sales tool. And you’ll find that your public speaking skills will stand you in good stead when it comes to teleseminars.

We called ourselves Vicarious Moments at first. It came together, amazingly, and we did our first public gig. It was a family picnic at a park and our harmonies and original rifts went over well; soon we had another gig. The public seemed to like our seventies approach. It didn’t take us long to realize that we weren’t going to be happy doing cover tunes, so we changed our name to “Chainsmoker” because it was something we all had in common. We began writing lyrics and music for our own, all original songs. Some weeks we were so busy we were performing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

So how do we move upwards on the continuum to the point where we are less apprehensive about meeting and socializing with people, even to the point of enjoying it?

Attention is needed before finishing the speech. Prior to the end of the speech, thank the audience for their patience hearing. Then make your concluding remarks. Say something practical that the audience can apply in their life. This will create a good impression. And, you know, last impression is the final impression.

There are a lot of parallels with the fear of public speaking and shyness in social situations. Over the past 20 years I have been honing my presentation skill and public speaking by studying public speaking as a member of Toastmasters. Both within my club with fellow members and out in the public I regularly challenge myself by delivering presentations and speeches.

Slow down : People often speak too fast when they are nervous. Slow down. Take something to the podium with us that will serve as our reminder to slow down. Obama is a master in this and remember how effective it is.

The best speech writers in the world won’t help someone who can’t express themselves. That’s why the ability to deliver a speech is so important in politics. The person who can affirm themselves well in front of an audience can inspire confidence in their colleagues and the electorate. Read your cover letter out loud to yourself. Even better, do it into a mirror. Does it sound cheesy and generic? You may want to consider a rewrite. Rewrite and recite until you can convey a statement about yourself that you will feel happy about sending to complete strangers.

Say a sentence or two to someone on the left side of the room, then move to someone in the middle and right. This little technique has been used secretly by some of the most powerful public speakers in the world.