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“From the crossroads of the West, we welcome you to a program of inspirational music and spoken word.” This is how the program Music and the Spoken Word has always begun. On July 15, 1929 at the Tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, a tradition began. From that time nearly seven decades ago, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been holding very regular performances and written itself into history.

There is a difference between creating a mix for a live audience and uploading a mix on the net or something similar. The difference is the ‘party vibe’. Although fellow DJs and music connoisseurs will appreciate your ability to find the most obscure beats from new and hip genres, if you aren’t willing to fill a set with hit behind the voices that people want to dance to, then no one will want to give you a DJ gig.

Its a shame that many people are not given the chance to express themselves through music. There are probably thousands of wonderful could-have-been musicians out there that didn’t get to play simply because they could not afford an instrument. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. This package retails for $199.99 US. With all of the accessories it comes with, it makes it the perfect gift for anyone at any age.

Part cabaret, part musical, part variety show and part concert, the show is an amazing “tour de’ force” for Siano and the inimitable “Freedom Dancers”.

From This Moment On This is sung at weddings all over America. Hardly any song can compare to this love anthem! “I give my hand to you with all my heart” Everyone feels they insides tug as they listen to this heart wrenching song. If you haven’t seen any of Shania Twain’s music videos, this is one of the top music videos to see.

I’ve been more or less vegetarian for about 40 years. Health diet really helps. I do meditation every day, and either yoga or sport several times a week. In winter we go to the mountains to ski. I play tennis twice a week, and I have a weekly run on my bike which takes me part of the way up a mountain and back down again. This is a bit rugged, but I feel really good afterwards! On the road I have to hit the fitness rooms in the hotels.

For the perfect stress release and remedy for oily or not-so-perfect skin, apply a face masque and treat yourself to freshly sliced cucumber slices. Place one slice on each eye to reap the soothing effects and enjoy a healthy snack as you relax!