Top 10 Halloween Songs: Halloween Music To Make Your Guests Scream With Delight

Are you planning to throw a Halloween party? Then your invitation will be one of the key ingredients in making sure people attend your party, instead of someone else’s. Here’s how you create cool looking invitations without having to spend any money at all.

Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group: Another #1 song that is actually a rock instrumental. Oddly enough, the title of the song refers to the numerous edits, splicing, and piecing together of the recording. It went through a lot of detail much like the creation of the monster “Frankenstein”, which was coined by the band’s drummer. However, Edgar Winter referred frequently to the appropriateness of the song title because of its “monster-like, lumbering beat”. In my opinion, the very opening of the song makes it sound like Frankenstein is making a grand entrance.

Fog is another Halloween essential for me. I use two fog machines, one in the house (I hope that stuff isn’t dangerous) with some windows open for ventilation and one outside to highlight whatever creepy item I feel needs it. Usually the creepy item is a 6 foot tall ghost we like to call “scary big man”. I purchased him at a garden centre and probably paid too much, but he’s going on his 3rd year now and I stand by my purchase. He’s totally cool!

Making toilet paper mummys is another fun Halloween party game. Have the children separate in to groups of two and give the each a roll of toilet paper. Set a timer and have them race to see which pair can make the best toilet paper mummy. one child will wrap the other will be mummified! The group with the best mummy wins a prize.

There are great halloween CD’s that you could play for some background ambiance, but I think with all the laughter and excitement the music may be drowned out. The easy part about this party is that your house and /or yard will already be decorated for the season! Halloween party invitations are abundant, so find ones you like or even make your own on the computer. There are lots of sites with free pintables. The game stations can be Halloween versions of what you would find at carnival. When they are ready to start playing the games, they will have their “pumpkin bucket” from lunch and can begin visiting the game stations to win tickets or candy!

The Tales From the Crypt theme song gives me the chills. Do you remember the days when this show aired on television? I could not wait for the next episode! The bizarre, strange outcomes in the end always surprised me. This is a great song to play even if others have never heard it before. There are enough eerie sounds within it to creep out anybody!

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