Why I Love Free Article Marketing

The most prevalent way for “newbies” to market is completely reactionary… in other words, they wait for something to happen, and then they react to it!

Both youtube views models are waterproof. Take one either to the mountains or to India during monsoon seasons. Take one into the backyard swimming pool or under the surf at the beach. Either will operate fine down to 10 feet deep for up to two hours.

However, video marketing was one of the first marketing techniques that I “got”. My YouTube channel got Page Rank 4 within a month after I started working it and social media traffic to my blog was through the roof.

“9 MILLION!!! I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!” tweeted Justin upon seeing his follower count. It seems the “Beliebers” are always battling Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” for online dominance, making Bieber and Gaga the two most popular musical artists online.

If you are not comfortable with that option then go out there and be proactive. Look at other videos that have been posted with a similar and leave a good comment and ask them to check your video in the same breath. Communication will open up the world of buy youtube likes to you. If they like the video they will refer it and the irony is if they hate they may still refer it and tell their friends to check out this crap. Either way you will still be getting the views.

This is a traditional and verified tactic. It often performs, and it never ever will get previous. If you insert an picture of a alluring feminine and set it as your preview picture, then you are practically guaranteed tons and tons of views to your video clip, equally by males, and females! Try out to include the sexy image as element of your video clip instead than just inserting it in there all of a sudden. Both way you will nonetheless get the hits, but if you creatively integrate a alluring lady into your video, your video clip will be far more appreciated and much less “known as out” as getting a not so subtle ploy for acquiring much more views!

Do not limit this action to just videos in your genre. The idea here is to get noticed and that means putting yourself out there so do the same for other videos as well. You can start out with other topics of interest. Just make sure that you are not spamming. Your views will eventually start to increase, just go ahead and have fun while doing it. That will make the task so much easier.