Do-It-Yourself Candles

If you are going to take up candle making you will need to know about the different kinds of candle making wax. There are important differences between the waxes that will produce different qualities in the candle.

Our second batch of artistic candles were created by using milk cartons as well. She called them Lacey Candles, and when they were finished, they did indeed look like lace. Once the wax was melted, the color and the fragrance added she filled up the cartons with ice. When the wax was poured and had dried, the candles did look like small squares of lace.

You will need to make sure you purchase some paraffin wax (which is a white odorless wax solid) this is the basis of your candle which you will mold into the shape you want your candle to be.

If you want to create a candle with inexpensive materials and in only a little bit of time then easy Ecoponics is for you. If you are ready to get started then here is a list of some of the supplies that you are going to need.

You may or may not want to scent your candles. If you decide to scent them, you will need to decide what type of fragrance you want to use. Again, you might need to experiment a little with different fragrances. Some are more potent or concentrated than others and some work better in paraffin wax but don’t work well in soy wax. Adjust the amount of fragrance you use based on the type of wax you are using.

Candle making kits can vary from supplier to supplier, but most contain enough material to produce one candle or more. The kits are designed for grown ups and even for kids who want to get innovative in making candles. These kits include all the equipment you need to get started, as well as supplies to make several candles.

The first thing that you should do when you decide that you want to make an all natural candle is choose the right wax. Avoid paraffin wax as this uses petroleum and is in no way all natural, when looking for a wax to use you should look in to beeswax or soy wax as your options. Both soy and beeswax are all natural and better for the environment, they also burn very clean. Beeswax is great as not only is it natural wax, it also comes with its own unique and fragrant scent.

So dress them up in lace and send them out to woo the world. Adorn them in baskets and decorated packages all boxed up nicely to take with them. It adds a little extra expense but it makes you stand out from your competitors. Especially at flea markets and such. If you are in business your are in business 24 hours a day. Always be on the alert for something to help you in your endeavors and your will continue to lead the marketplace, stay in business and prosper.

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