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I freely admit that I’m new to the whole Internet Marketing ‘game’. And I came in to it as something of a skeptic; a little reluctant to accept that there are thousands of people using simple techniques and processes to lead very successful businesses.

Figure out how much you have to spend. Science workshop projects don’t have to break your budget. But you do want to make sure you can afford or get access to all the materials the project will need. It’s no fun to get all jazzed about an idea, only to have to say no because you can’t afford it.

Mere minutes ago I was happily asleep in comfortable small clean shared quarters — the slightest pungent smell of lemon polish pervades a chest of drawers. But communicating with people you’ve never met who have become suddenly your roommate is a strange experience for me.

Sometimes a famous teacher lectures in Huxley or at times someone plays the congo drum or there is a classically trained musician or teacher demonstrating his technique. One of my favorite classes was with the famous Cellist David Darling and Al Huang. Electricity wildly alive in the environment. Genius at play.

The new curriculum, Creation Science workshop, is new and much anticipated. It is designed to teach science to homeschoolers in grades 4 through 8. It is a yearlong science curriculum designed to teach kids about the origins of the earth according to the Bible. Students are also exposed to creation science and why it is in opposition to the teachings of the Bible and creationism. Evolution and intelligent design are examined.

So how do you get started? A great place to begin is with the ABC’s of CNC video. This two hour long DVD takes you through the entire CNC workflow… starting with the basics of machine designs, G Code, CAD and CAM software, and finally through the actual cutting process. You’ll see sample parts start as a design, sketched on a napkin, taken through CAD software, and on to the Computer Assisted Machining (CAM) software where the actual cutting paths to make the part are created. The output from the CAM program then goes to the actual machine controller, which converts the digital information into actual motion… to cut the part.

Sometimes, particularly if you have been a victim of crime or abuse, whatever happened may seem ‘unforgiveable’. In these cases, remember that forgiveness does not mean you have to let that person back into your life but it can release you from the hold that this has on you.

The main thing is that you have fun with your kids. I think I actually enjoy doing a Science Experiment more than the children. It’s really good quality time and I usually take the opportunity to talk about something different, out of the ordinary. We don’t get much time with our kids with our busy schedules, sports, activities, etc. As much as I talk a big game about trying to get it done quickly and out of the way, when the nest is empty, I will miss the science project.

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