Why Has Gold Become More Reliable Than Currency?

Last week during his tour of Kyoto Japan, President Bush visited the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) and described it as “magnificent”. He was probably referring to the 1398 Japanese architecture but may just as well have been referring to gold prices which are at an 18-year high. Gold has been a magnificent investment and still has considerable upside.

Many gold bugs insist that the only true gold exposure is through gold enamel pin manufacturer. An easier way to gain instant gold exposure is through the iShares COMEX Gold Trust ETF ( IAU) that is up 15.3% so far this year. Another option is investing through the iShares South Africa ETF (EZA) which has considerable exposure to the gold and mining industry and is up 15.9% this year.

The coin maker Numis Network offers a binary plan. This is a very popular compensation plan. But I am not here to talk about the merits of any compensation plan. The Numis Network if anything does offer a unique if not refreshing switch from the lotions, potions, pills, and juice programs that some will say have saturated the market place… oh yeah… I forgot about the rapidly emerging energy drinks market. Our energy drink is more natural than yours!!!

But some central banks are now going the other way. For example, the Russian central bank wants to increase gold’s share of its reserves from 5% to 10%.

Paper dollars were simply issued as a best coin maker receipt of deposit because they were much easier to manage. Today, the only thing keeping the dollar from falling flat on its face is the faith that people put in it.

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You can find the best buyers for gold in your market through the World Gold Council. They offer details of reliable dealers where you can get the best price for gold coins, bars and even for gold scrap. Take adequate precautions when the dealers weigh and test your gold items to avoid getting fleeced.