Workshops To Enhance Your Writing Skills

A discussion recently about conducting successful workshops led me to believe that very few people have the answers. It is ironic that the very people who are supposed to have all the answers, people conducting workshops, don’t really know how to capture and captivate an audience. It’s a shame that most people are being attracted to the more alluring and energetic voice, one that may not necessarily have the correct answer.

Most will still not have acted, or if they did, will not have achieved the goal. This isn’t a reflection on your Art jamming Workshop skills or what you taught them. It’s a fact that most want results, but few act on what you taught them… even after paying for your workshop. And some will act, but still lack something to make it work. Your job is not to call to sell them, but to call them to offer to help.

So, I would not only base your workshop topic on this, but also how you position the workshop and market it. It should all go back to what else you’ll be offering to the group afterwards. There are always people who will be disappointed if you don’t give them a chance to work with you further. So, I don’t want you to say to yourself, “No, they’re already paying me.” Many people just want more.

Most coaches/consultants/trainers expect to go from that first Art jamming Workshop (whether it’s free, or whether it was fully paid) to another level of working with that client. But most don’t because they are jumping ahead too far too fast and they sound like an aggressive used car salesman, OR some won’t even ask for fear that they will sound like one.

The guitar is incredibly popular for many obvious reasons. It is relatively simple to learn. Within a few hours you can easily be strumming along with your favorite band. Chords are easy enough to learn, and most popular music today only consists of a few chords. Consequently, it doesn’t take very long to stArt Art jamming along with your favorite tunes.

Most garages look as if they are an afterthought. The walls are unfinished, and they have been used for storage of more than the car for years. Clean up the floors to remove grime that has been ground in, and then give it a coat of cement paint. Move those boxes of stuff so that you can paint the walls. Voila, you now have a more appealing space to work in.

11. Simple and easy: keep your station clean and organized. Every day before you close up shop, make sure to sweep and vacuum your workshop. Keeping a tidy workstation will maximize efficiency. Make sure that all tools are cleaned and stored properly to avoid damage to the tools or to you. Keeping a clean workshop will minimize clutter, and it will be easier for you to see what you have.

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